Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Profile and Interview as candidate for SRC 10/11 AHS Constituency

Students' Representative Council 10/11, Allied Health Sciences Constituency


"From people for people"
Farihah Abdullah was born in 10th Jan at Butterworth. This daughter of Mr. Abdullah b Talib and Mrs. Rosahdah bt Bakar is the third from 5 siblings. They’re all raised up at their home sweet home at Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. She first received her formal education from SK Permatang Janggus, Kepala Batas and later to Maktab Mahmud, Alor Star. Her awareness to Islamic education brought her to Darul Quran, Kuala Kubu Baharu, Selangor for certification in Tahfiz. And here she is now in IIUM Kuantan, doing her first degree.

Sr. Farihah believes in herself, which leads her to always have the desire to contribute more towards the community. Her basic principle is that everything she does is not only for her own sake, but also as fruits to others. Her optimistic behavior pilots her to join and conduct many programs that result her to have ample experiences of many positions. She was one of the crew who brought the expedition of “Cambodia 2010 - Reaching for the Needy” into a reality. Nevertheless, she also contributed a lot in organization and management of Malaysia Optometry Students Sports Event 2010 at Pantai Sepat.

HB : What do you feel after being nominated as an SRC candidate?
FA : I think this is a good chance for me to benefit others. I’ll definitely do my best, because I believe this is a path without a U-turn. Once taken, there’s no way back.

HB : Why you want to join SRC, and how do you view it?
FA : For me, SRC is an established body which represents the IIUM students; a body that will hold on to the IIUM students as well as guiding them towards a better life. I believe SRC can take care of the students’ needs of many aspects including academic, welfare and so on, as long as the needs are within limit. I’ ll like to reflect surah Yusuf, verse 55 in which Nabi Yusuf a.s. ask for himself to be the government treasurer as he is a knowledgeable good keeper. Just like him, I want to be in SRC because I believe in my knowledge and ability to carry on the duty.

HB : Don’t you think you’re cooking others’ gooses by participating?
FA : I don’t think so. For me, it’s neither about blocking others’ chances to win nor about the post, but it’s about the mission to be delivered. And since this is like the only way to convey it, so I hop in.

HB : What if you loss?
FA : What we think best for us is not necessarily will be, because Allah swt knows better. If I loss, then I’ll accept the fate.

HB : What is your hope to HEALS members?
FA : Leaders are learners, don't aspect them to be perfect. I hope all will make a smart choice. Your cross will determine your future here, in IIUM.

(HB- HEALS blogger; FA-Farihah Abdullah)

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